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CHJ Special Issue

CHJ Issue 6 - Cover

Sir Michael Hicks Beach, first Viscount (later Earl) St. Aldwyn, belongs to that category of Victorian and Edwardian politicians who have largely faded out of public memory. That his name should have only little resonance for even the historically informed public is surprising. Beach spent almost to the day exactly seven years at the head of the Treasury, beaten only by its current incumbent, with now over eight years, and David Lloyd George, who was chancellor for seven years and one months, with Nigel Lawson coming a somewhat distant third at six years and four months. Alongside Lloyd George and Lawson, he remains the only chancellor to have introduced seven consecutive budgets between 1895 and 1902 (only Gladstone managed eight and, so far, Gordon Brown has introduced nine). Beach, then, was one of the longest serving Chancellors of the Exchequer since the mid-nineteenth century. He was a formidable politician of national standing, who helped to shape late-Victorian Conservative politics, but whose career also reflected some of conservatism’s inner tensions in this period.

ISSUE 5 Autumn 2005

CHJ Issue 5 - Cover

  • Interview with John Charmley
  • Helen Szamuely: What are we to make of Sir Edward Heath?
  • Ronald Porter: Personal View of Sir Edward Heath
  • John Barnes: Edward Heath: Personal Recollections
  • Harshan Kumarasingham: The Problematic Leadership of Sir Alec Douglas-Home
  • Ian Pendlington: Put up or Shut Up
  • Scott Kelly: Guilty Men & the 1945 Election
  • Book Reviews
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ISSUE 4 Winter 2004

CHJ Issue 4 - Cover

  • Helen Szamuely: 75th Anniversary of the Conservative Research Department
  • Alistair Cooke: The Conservative Research Department’s First 75 Years
  • Mark Garnett: Interview with James Douglas
  • Ronald Porter: Lord Boothby – Buggery & the Lash
  • Mark Coalter: Robert Boothby: Icon of an Extant Era
  • Bendor Grosvenor: Derby, Disraeli & the Suez Canal
  • Philip Cowley & Mark Stuart: Back Bench Dissent under Iain Duncan Smith
  • Book Reviews
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ISSUE 3 Summer 2004

CHJ Issue 3 - Cover

  • Andrew Roberts Interview
  • Lord Tebbit & Lord Howe: The Thatcher Legacy
  • Nicholas Hillman: Hilda’s Cabinet Band
  • Review of Margaret Thatcher Speeches CD
  • Harshan Kumarasingham: Political Demise of Neville Chamberlain
  • Mark Coalter: Disraeli’s 1872 Blueprint for Electoral Success
  • Geoffrey Hicks: Lord Derby’s Shadowy Foreign Secretary
  • Bendor Grosvenor: Profile of Sir Stafford Northcote
  • John Barnes: Party Colours
  • Book Reviews
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ISSUE 2 Autumn 2003

CHJ Issue 2 - Cover

  • John Charmley: Obituary – Lord Blake
  • Julia Fea: Baldwin, Churchill & the Abdication Crisis
  • Simon Jenkins: Lessons from History
  • Adrian Brettle: Endless Opposition
  • Stephen Barber: The 1995 Leadership Contest
  • Promoting Civic Consciousness
  • Mark Coalter: Andrew Bonar Law – Politics & Leadership
  • Helen Szamuely: Lord Curzon on Russia & the Russians
  • Christopher Pincher: Walter Eliot – A Conservative Life
  • Book Reviews
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ISSUE 1 Summer 2003

CHJ Issue 1 - Cover

  • Nicholas Hillman: Enoch Powell’s Vital Statistics
  • John Charmley: Conservative Tradition in Foreign Policy
  • Andrew Lownie: John Buchan – Conservative Politician
  • Mark Garnett: A Farewell to Biography
  • Matthew Bailey & Philip Cowley: Choosing the Lady
  • Leslie Mitch: Obituary – Lord Mackay of Ardbrecknish
  • Sheila Moore: How Ran Butler Decriminalised Suicide
  • Martin Ball: Memories of Alan Clark
  • David Willetts: Conservatives in Opposition
  • Ian Pendlington: Baldwin – the Original Quiet Man
  • John Barnes: How the Tory Party Got That Name
  • Book Reviews
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