When you look at a social media campaign, specifically Twitter, you will see how many followers you have. To achieve good followers you need to firstly show that you know what you are talking about, and also follow influential people in your industry.

This could range from local to national or even international Twitter users in your industry. There are many ways to find these followers, but in this blog post we will show you the ones we use at Just Search.

Twitter Lists

Since last year, when Twitter Lists were created and implemented, they have been a brilliant godsend for many people who want to discover the right people to follow in their industry. These lists are managed so that they are easy to develop, use, and share.


One of the main Twitter list websites that is used is Listorious. This website basically allows you to list Twitter users in specific industry lists – or even self-created lists. Listorious is the easiest way to find people to follow in your industry or your interest area. This can allow you to discover people in the industry that you may not have been familiar with previously.


Another option for you is Twibes. This websites allows you to search for lists or people with common interests. The only real difference is that you can only show industry-related tweets. For example, if you follow people in the SEO industry you can place terms that will shows tweets, e.g. SEO, Search Engine Optimisation and Internet Marketing. It will then only bring up tweets relating to these keywords from Twitter users in the lists that you have created.

Twitter directories

The other route you can look at is Twitter directories. These are basically bigger lists but defined by the website and not by the user.

One of the main ones, and the most well-known, is Wefollow. Wefollow basically allows users to search users by location or topic. This is an easy way to see the most influential people in the SEO industry. This is fast becoming one of the leaders for Twitter directories as others cannot offer the same features as Wefollow. There are loads more features that can be used to find relevant follows in the industry, but these three Twitter-related websites are the first ones to look at.

Dave’s View

Even 12 months ago, Twitter was a force to be reckoned with, but it is now even stronger and more powerful. Many people now use Twitter as an advertising tool. If you look at anyone who means business in social media, you will see that they put a lot of time and effort into Twitter. These tools that are all over the internet for Twitter can be used to increase your presence and influence. This is can only help you in a successful social media campaign.

Ahmed’s View

Trying to manage all your social profiles (especially the number of different Twitter accounts) is a difficult task; however, it will prove fruitful for your business. To ease this task, using tools is a must and using the right tools is even more so important. I advise you to research all the tools and find the right one for you!

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