Every business can benefit from a good online presence, as there are many benefits to be had which can’t be enjoyed through more traditional offline marketing methods.

Many businesses don’t have the luxury of being able to enjoy a large marketing budget- notably smaller businesses- and with so many looking to keep a close eye on spending in the current economic climate, cost-efficient marketing is more in demand and more important than ever.

An increasing number of businesses are beginning to realise just how beneficial a blog can be, as there’s no doubt that they are a good way of boosting your online presence without a huge negative impact on your marketing budget.

If you have been considering adding a blog to your business website, though, however keen you may be to begin blogging, you must think carefully about its content, as whilst a good blog can help to boost business, an inappropriate blog could have quite the opposite effect.

Below are a few important things you should think about before beginning blogging:

Consider your target POLITICAL audience

This is one of the most important things which you need to think about, as it can make all the difference between a successful and unsuccessful blog. The industry your business is in will determine the tone of your blog and the nature of your posts, and it’s extremely important to get both of these correct in order to avoid looking unprofessional and to achieve the aim of your blog.

Stay focussed

Prior to even typing your first business blog post in draft, it’s a good idea to draw up a list of objectives and the type of posts which are required to achieve these goals. Once these are set in stone you should make every effort to stick to them, however tempting it may be to blog about something completely unrelated.

Make it interesting

Boring blogs, lacking direction and serving little purpose other than filling a blank page, are unlikely to gain a loyal readership. Capture blog visitors’ attention with a compelling title and equally compelling content. Remember, blogs don’t have to be long to be interesting; short and snappy blogs can do the job just as effectively, provided they are well-written.

Don’t go in for the hard sell!

Using your blog to push the products or services your business offers unashamedly can be incredibly tempting, although it’s generally best avoided. Reading through blog after blog of sales copy won’t provide readers with the most thrilling of reads, and they’re likely to click the back button on the browser even before reaching the end of the first sentence.

Make it look good

However fantastic your business blog’s content may be, a visually unattractive blog page design could really let it down, so make sure your blog design is attractive but not so overpowering that it serves as a distraction.

Bear these things in mind, and you are on track to a brilliant blog which could boost your business no end.

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